About Promis

PROMIS is a pioneer in addiction treatment in the UK with over twenty years of clinical experience. We are acknowledged within the medical, psychological and scientific fields and have treatment facilities in Kent, London, Paris, Geneva, Marbella and Amsterdam.

Our experience and success helps patients truly recover combining innovative therapies with an abstinence based programme. Sports and recreational activities are an important part of the programme with leisure facilities including; 

Leisure activities include:

  Volleyball court
  Net/basketball court
  Cricket nets
  Grass and all weather tennis courts
  5-a-side football pitch
  Internet café
  Hot tubs


How can we help?

  Can be arranged immediately
within 24 hours.
  We can help someone you care about
a friend or family member.
  Absolute discretion is assured, we can help you
  On-going care is reassessed each week, adapting as the patient progresses. 
  Post treatment care providing help during
the first year of recovery.

The key to our philosophy is that each individual is unique, and PROMIS provides the necessary help and assistance to enjoy life free from alcohol dependence.

Immediate help available 24 hours a day every day.

Call now on +44 (0)1304 841700 or 0800 374 318  

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