Aftercare packages

The treatment programme at PROMIS is designed to help patients to become free from anorexia.

We support patients in becoming less fixated about weight and food and begin to establish healthy eating patterns as part of an overall treatment and education process.

As with any medical intervention, the initial period of recovery is the time when the patient is most vulnerable. We have therefore devised a year long aftercare plan which involves patients completing the course of inpatient treatment and subsequently coming back into the centre for two days each month and also attending aftercare sessions one evening each week.


Meeting ex-patients is helpful for the patients in the first stages of their stay with us. The returning patients demonstrate on-going recovery and can build up contacts with others who are just beginning their recovery. The aftercare service provides an excellent opportunity for gaining new friends who are travelling a similar recovery path.

Having treated over 4000 people, PROMIS has a very extensive national and international network of ex-patients willing to support people after treatment. Many PROMIS ex-patients also help to welcome people back to their local areas and help them return to a normal way of life.

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