Food Bulimia Questionnaire

The following questions are taken from The Shorter PROMIS Questionnaires and relate specifically to anorexia. Scores for each statement are rated 0-5 with 0 being 'not like me' and 5 being 'like me'. A total score of 20 points is clinically significant and indicates a need for further assessment.

I have tended to think of food not so much as a satisfier of hunger but as a reward for all the stress I endure.

I have tended to use food as both a comfort and a strength even when I have not been hungry.

I have found that being full has often been irrelevant in deciding when to stop eating.

I have found that I have sometimes put on weight even when I am trying to diet.

Other people have expressed repeated serious concern about my excessive eating.

I have often preferred to eat alone rather than in company.

When I have definitely eaten too much I have tended to feel defiant as well as disappointed in myself.

I have preferred to graze like a cow throughout the day rather than ever allow myself to get hungry.

I have had three or more different sizes of clothes in my adult (non-pregnant if female) wardrobe.

I have been aware that once I have consumed certain foods I have found it difficult to control further eating.

If you scored a total of 20 or more, it may be worth consulting PROMIS to discuss your responses.

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